SNMP Data SNMP, Simple Network Management Protocol is a standard protocol designed to transmit performance data. Units of data are referred to as mibs, Management Information Bases. As a standard, SNMP is used for network data. It allows private enterprises to define their own data in a manner that won't cause conflicts, and has been extended with a definition for a set of Host Mibs. The Host Mibs provide host type data that would be of interest to performance analysts and capacity planners.

If you wish to apply for your own data, you can find information and an application at

If you would like to learn more about SNMP, there are several RFCs that provide good reading, RFC 1907, 2011 are a couple.

Host Mibs: Of more interest is RFC 1514 defining the Host Resource Mibs. The host mibs allow information on the system, storage, devices, installed software, and resource use by application to be retrieved.

Host Mibs Linux Ports:

CMU-SNMP: (Carnegie Mellon), the project has been discontinued.

UCD-SNMP: (U.C. Davis) has been discontinued. It is the basis for NET-SNMP.

NET-SNMP: Available on SourceForge), this is the port that is most useful. NET-SNMP ( Some useful links about this port are the following:
        Port installed/used as part of joint study

ESATCP: Velocity Software provides ESATCP, an SNMP client that gathers data via SNMP, and inserts that data into the monitor stream to be processed by ESAMAP and ESAMON.